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I intended to follow the offbeatr plan as much as possible but that does not seem like it will happen, so here is the parts I am going to change.


These points may not be in the original offbeatr project, but in old blog posts/updates, maybe even comments.


First of all, the "visual novel" style. This is the biggest one so the first one I am going to go over. My original plan was to have 2 types of events, visual and text. This would allow writers to easily add their own events after alpha (no real plans to implement custom events for the first version). The core was going to be all visual but even now I am lacking enough art to complete the "core". This is due to the structure I thought for getting it, just normal commissions from artists on hentai-foundry and such. So my plan is to combine thje 2 styles into one, the art only complements the text, but is not required. It can give a nice visual feel like originally planned but without the art being required.

This also helps with the fact that I find writing events in a visual novel style is quite difficult and time consuming, and if the art does not express the emotions it needs correctly, it can ruin the scene. This change will have some effects on content already in place, but not enough that it will be a major hold up. In fact it should speed it up since the events no longer need art to go with the event. Art will still be made for the game, and the core will have art for every scene, but alpha can be released without having it all.

Next is premium. It might be completely scrapped, I don't really have any intension to earn any more from Transruption then just server corsts (when or if it ever becomes an actual problem). Visa/Mastercard are pretty strict on payments and have strict guidelines for anything adult related. I have looked into pretty much every payment gateway I can and nothing. So the change will be that alpha will be more or less restricted to pledgers (to keep the server from exploding, since its not exactly a "normal" server so its a good stress test). Then once I feel the games core is releasable it will go into beta, at this point any stable beta will be free for all, with no restrictions. Updates will be made to improve the core until it leaves beta, the whole time pledgers will get early access to new content and everyone else may have to wait. People can become a pledger by talking to me (but not until alpha, closing it off for now).

Once the game is out of beta I will start to work on the extra features of the game, this is where the new kind of premium will come in, premium was only meant to give some minor benefits but in no way "force" anyone to take it. The game's engine will be split and since it was developed with custom events in mind, it can become a game creation kit, it will be free but donations will be opened. Donating will apply to your account and give you a higher status in transruption. Since the game engine itself is not adult in nature I do not think there will be any problems with even using paypal for that. The new kind of premium never ends, even a dollar can get you unlimited since its only a "Thank you", though people who donated some time ago (at least a month or so) may lose it if the donation was low, but only if the extra features are causing strain on the server and need to be limited. This all may be changed in the future as the plan comes together, this is just an early draft.

Site features is the last one I will go over in this post. I have talked about save game editors and such and although I still plan to do that, the actual game integration with the site will take a secondary stance. You will be able to login (to validate your pledge for alpha) but other then that no features will be added until probably well into beta. The site uses Joomla, a cms I am familiar with customizing (since going all custom for the site would take far too much time).


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Ok it has been some time since my last update so here are the state of things and where its at.

Right now the event system is about 80% done (roughly)  Once that is done the game "should" be ready for an alpha test, that is if I use placeholder images for the missing art (still waiting on various commissions). I am usually very lenient on getting art done, and if the artist has other priorities I do let them take the time they need. This is starting to become somewhat of a problem but this late in the game I don't want to change it. The reason for that is I wish for this game to be community based, and not "official" where everything is dictated.

The challenge with this game is the art, it is a huge challenge to get everything ready, however some aspects I am decoupling from the main game, like the character viewer (witch once Renezuo finishes with the initial layers of it, will be open source and available for anyone to use).

The comic from Ganassa still does not seem to be done, though hopefully that is done soon.

Lastly the Alpha may look "ugly" I have never been good with colors so it does not look great from that perspective :P.

But I will leave everyone with at least a little something

This is the testing area for the character viewer, as you can see it is mostly complete, just some issues with the shading. This will be solved by Renezuo's update to it. It even allows you to save your character as a PNG. Once its finished I will fully document how it works so programmers and artist can use it as they please.

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Ok, figured I would use a post today to outline Transruption as it currently stands, and the future. This will be a long post but hopefully will help to clear up confusion for some.

Pledge Rewards

  • Currently the dev version has not been completed, that will be the "alpha" phase. I incorrectly named the alpha server "beta" so that may of led to some confusion.
  • The "Premium" subscription may be scrapped, however if that happens another reward that is roughly the same in value will replace it. The reason for this is after extensive research I have found out just how restrictive adult material can be when it comes to payment processing. The premium membership will not be started until the game is "released" witch is still pretty far away, and when it is you can choose to start it at anytime (unless your unlimited, then it won't matter).
  • As for the other rewards, no one pledged to the high amounts, the name in credits will be added in a very early version of alpha.


Stretch Goals

  • The comic is well underway and being done by Ganassa, once its done I will be posting it, also its current lineart below and probably uploading it to
  • The maps are in progress, however do not have the polish I would like before showing them off. The artist doing it is Renezuo.



These are the current characters in the game. There is quite a number of scenes that are not in the current version, however the current version is not ready for deployment.

  • Vista: A number of scenes are ready for the game.
  • Nelle: A few scenes are ready, and is the most complex character currently in the game.
  • Ellis: Very minor work done, a few assets but very little content.
  • The no name cat: A work by Alder. Still cannot come up with a name. Very little work done so far.

These will be the main characters in the early versions of the game. There will be more I just want to focus on them.

Plan For Transruption

The plan for the game is to make a community maintained game, making it easy for artists and writers to plug their work into the game without having to make their own. It will have a core game/storyline which is what the alpha/beta will be. But after that it will become possible to submit events and users can automatically load them into the game. To make it versitile the game can swap between visual novel and pure text styles. The core game will be strictly visual novel style though. This is one challenge I am working into the new event system. Although submissions will not be possible right from the beginning the event system must be able to handle it and make it easy for a writer/artist to format their work to be read by the event system. This is something I have not elaborated on much, just because of the huge challenge it would be and that I do not want to create to much excitement.

The game in general is turning into far more work then I anticipated. I wanted to have the Alpha out by now but I see that it will not be the case. To help speed it up I have open sourced the project and am inviting designers/developers that want to help out to speed up the development. Creating an extendible Visual novel engine that is web based is something I for one have not seen anywhere, so there is nothing to base it off of. I am treading unknown ground so trial and error is a very big part of its development.


The new version of the website will also feature a roadmap. This roadmap will have features that will be added with each version once it hits alpha. It will allow me to show progress easier between each version. Not going to detail it now as I plan for it to be extensive.

The Present

Right now I am working on a version of the game that is removing the responsive features and has a much more detailed character viewer. This should speed up development and allow more extendability. Having one version of the game work in all devices end up putting far more time in the UI then the actual function of the game. This version needs to wait in the initial art for the improved character viewer for the character creation before it can be released. But at release it will have far more content then the currently released version. Once this is released the game will enter Alpha in which pledgers will have access, once the bugs are worked out and the initial content is put in, the Beta phase will start, witch the last Alpha version will move to "stable" allowing anyone to play it and leave the continuing updates viewable only by the pledgers. Finally once the game is at a completed point it will launch and the stable version will match the current live version. Pledgers will always be able to see the absolute latest version, but any version termed as a stable release can be played by everybody. The premium subscription may be reworked but that will allow add-ons in the game, giving a better experience but not going over the top and making people feel forced to enter the subscription (at least thats my plan). I want the game to be free but it will cost money to run, so some form of donation/subscription will be needed for that.


Thank you for all your support so far and going forward, I am sorry I have not produced results as fast as I wanted but even if its moving slow, progress is being made.

And just to give something to look at. Here is the Ganassa comic! Lineart version!



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Hey guys, just wanted to give some information on status.

So far the game is going well, many of the features are taking longer then I anticipated partly because of some personal business.

Right now it is being partially redesigned, the color scheme of the current beta is not really fitting with the new version, so that is one hurdle. The game overall has not changed much other then the responsive features have been removed for development speed reasons (get the game working and playable, then worry about all devices).

The event system has been a major hurdle, the current one does not allow the full amount of features I want to include, although allowing custom events with it would be possible it would of been hard to include them easily. So I am building a hook system so you can "hook" events to any other events sequence. This will eventually allow events to be uploaded on the site, then everyone with an account can toggle and get them to run in the game.

Battle system will be held off, I really do not want to rush it as I want it to be more then "pick an attack or defend/run". Any battles that will be in the opening events will be defaulted to success, but until the battle system is done the dev version will not move to stable.

That finishes off some of the general information, now for timelines. I had hoped to wrap all this but by the end of this month or early febuary. But so far that looks like it will be difficult. As it stands even if I finish the game by then, I still have art assets I am waiting on, the holidays have been slow after all. Setting a definitive date is impossible currently, but I would say that by June I cannot see any reason that the games 1.0 release wouldn't be done. I plan for far sooner then that of course, but it will give me enough time to truly polish the game.

That brings me to a final point, in order to get the game on the fast track, since I can end up busy with my own job and other personal things, I plan to open up the source code of Transruption and seek help. Any developer that wants to help out let me know. Also designers would be extremely benefitial. For this I am not planning to pay, but more or less look for contributers/partners to get the game where it needs to be. Transruption is not a simple game, so doing it alone is leading to one track.

Anyone interested let me know.

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I have open sourced FenTV. It is not complete but far enough that the concept is there. I will be working on it over the holidays and hopefully get it closer to completion by the new year.

You can see it at

If you wish to help out, fork it. I will review pull requests when I can. For any none developers feel free to post in the issue tracker if you see a bug, there is a live test enviroment at A little warning though, that is the same enviroment I use to test, so it may go down during periods I am working on it.

Right now only the IRC functionality is working, the streams portion is still in development (witch is why it is blank). The stream being used is Fenoxo's and it is only a placeholder until the main streams are loading in.

For developers, you must use node.js to run it, all the modules needed are in the repo, but an npm install does not hurt. I recommend you also use nginx to proxy the connection, although that is your choice. I won't go into detail of how to install node.js because google is your friend :). However if you have any difficulty feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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The next update to the site will bring about a few changes, although your user will not be lost nor should you lost any forum posts. Any images you uploaded will be lost as well as your avatar.

The next version of the site will have the framework for the game connection, and although it will come out earlier then the first beta version of the game, it will not be far ahead of it (if all goes well).

So anyone that might lose anything by this update, please back it up or email me to let me know ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). I will do my best to make the update as clean as possible with the least lost data.

There should be absolutely no worry of pledges being lost by this, it will be my prime focus to make sure that during the process that the link stays valid to offbeatr.

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I have been working on the new character creation screen, it is coming along but will be held back to an extent on the actual art to display the character.

It will have much more detail and variations then the current, and a better setup for the UI.

In other news, AIR might not be the best idea, I have been working hard with it and noticed that any kind of animation was pretty slow. At first I thought it was something I was doing wrong but after porting back to browser I found out that is not the case. If this isn't fixed in AIR then it would ruin the experinence of the game with slow transitions and such, and generally slow gameplay to an unacceptable level. I still want to use AIR because I feel it is great, but as it stands Adobe has some serious work to do if it cannot compare to a normal browser.

Finally some of you know that I have built the new fentv, and slowly have been working on the new fentv2. After seeing some other streaming services and getting some ideas me and some freinds have come up with a side project. It is an evolution of fentv2 that will add its own live stream style video for commissioned art and such. Chances are when I need a break from Transruption this is where I will spend some time. I won't go into deeper details as they could change on a moments notice, but I will try to post updates on it as well (I suck at blogging :P). Of course its only a side project, a way to clear my head when I hit a wall in Transruption to spend some time elsewhere, my goal of Jan-Feb to have the first core version of Transruption will be a heavy focus.

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So first of all, sorry for the lack of true updates, I have a lot of content all over the place but nothing that really fits well into a good update.

Second is the new plan for how the game will be, it will be a DESKTOP game rather then web (will work on mobile too).

How am I doing this? It will be an Adobe AIR app, witch lets me package the game into an application, meaning no major changes to the game, just can run offline and locally (with online features).

Why? This will remove many of javascripts weakness's but will keep its strengths, meaning the game overall will be much more robust and fast. It also eliminates the cross browser problem and can help to simplify the responsive end of things (mobile friendly).

Basically this will allow me to have far more control then I could ever hope for running it from the server, in a web page there is many security features built into JS to prevent many usable features. However AIR removes a lot of that because it keeps JavaScript in a kind of sandbox, and also gives it access to every Flash package as well (so yea, everything that flash can do can be done in javascript as well through this). It can also do file system stuff, meaning local saves rather then session saves while still having a full connection to the server to save their and connect to your account.

I am well underway with this but there has been holdups, the first version I release of it will be "Stable" meaning that all users, pledgers and not will have access, from there any additional updates will be in the dev version witch will need you to have pledged. The dev version will be the same install as stable, meaning if you are logged in you will have the choice to play stable or play dev (if you pledged). So if dev is unplayable after a bad patch stable should always be good to go.

I cannot give a definitive date that I will have the first release of it out, but I hope I can have it ready soon.

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Ok so the donation system is currently on a standstill as payment processors are proving to be problematic. If you want you can still email me and we can negotiate a pledge if you wish, just is not automatic.

As for some art updates, here is another Vista!



Another piece of work by Gercrow! It will be included in the first Dev release (witch is taking some time, but it will get done!)

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Just an update on the donation system. It seems it will be hard to have it automatic, not that it won't be just that for now it will have to be manual if you want to pledge.

So if you wish to pledge email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , we can then discuss an option for payments, and if successful I can have your pledge manually put in the system. Another note to anyone who done this prior to the donation system being implemented, please email me again with your site username. Since the update the users reset so I will need you to register if you have not already and email me (from the same email you communicated with me before with) detailing what username you are using here.

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