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Sorry that its been so long since my last update, holidays have been pretty crazy.


Anyway it looks like the end of the month or shortly after the new version of the character creator can be released. Its working now just needs a bit of refinement. Renezuo has totally redone the assets for the character creation to allow them to be a little easier to work with, and during his work I have been working on getting the viewer class more optimized to handle it better. 


The master branch has the most up to date code for it but it has many big changes from the initial release of 1.0, you can find the 1.0 release at https://github.com/jovination/viewer/releases

Anyway with this, one of the major components of the game will be stable (in an open source format anyway).


Just a small update, I won't guarentee the character viewer launch for Feb 1 yet, but that is the plan.

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Finally got the viewer open sourced. It can be viewed at https://github.com/jovination/viewer and its issues will link with the site (although there are still some kinks to work out).

To any developers out there let me know what you think if you find a use for it. Kept the repo SFW so its not built ONLY for porn :P.

There is some documentation in the repo to help anyone along but I will keep an eye on it in case any suggestions are made. I plan for the event library to be next and it converts xml/yaml files (xml mainly but support for yaml) into usable events.

Short update, it was longer but for some reason I was unable to post the last few times and like an idiot I never made a draft :'( but anyway look forward to an update to the character viewer soon! Once Renezuo finishes the shading for it I will be launching a revamp of the character viewer playground.

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Tough work, seemed that everytime I thought I had it done I realized I forgot something ><

Anyway it is at the next stage of the tests, this update does the following:

  • Repositories: All repositories are listed, for now its fentv and the site, but once I tie up loose ends with this system I will bring in the big ones :P
  • Milestones: No milestones are made atm, but I will work on grouping the sites milestones soon (mostly meaning the issue tracker, but any bug with the site will be included).
  • Issues: Not much has changed from how they were before, however I did work on fixing a few bugs while I was working on it.

Very soon I hope to add in comment counts as well as make the repositories large buttons (grouped maybe) rather then a table, they do not have enough information to need tables. It does still lack any kind of filtering or pagination but I will be adding that as issues get added.

I have already noticed a couple things to work on so today there may be a second update to it, but it is live and working regardless.


Finally I missed doing this in the last post (was in a rush), I believe this was released at some point but this is a more "complete" version of Nelle :).


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I have almost got the next version of the issue tracker done but there have been a few holdups, for one I will probably be to busy to finish it up until next week but here is an overview of where its at. Because of its interdepency with milestones and repositories I have had to pretty much do them all at the same time, when the next version of it is out there will be some milestones for the site and I can add some of the public repositories as well (still pending some bug testing before I do).

In other news I have been working on some small updates to FenTV. A new layout more or less with some optimizations to how it works. It can be seen at http://fentv.transruption.com/ and although not complete the concept of it is there. With this update I have tried to do some optimizations to the picarto thumbnails but only time will tell if they will help. Lastly fentv is now open source so you can see the source at https://github.com/jovination/fentv. It will also have an issue tracker here (the first "public" one) but feel free to add an issue through github if you notice any issues (outside of what is not done yet) or even contribute :).

I have also upgraded the server a little bit, recent popularity (by popularity I mean the damn picarto thumbnail script) has strained it, but with the optimizations to the thumbnail script as well as giving the server some more juice it should be a little bit faster.

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The first version of the issue tracker has been added. For now most of it is disabled as to make sure it works I need more data (more issues).

Here is a rundown of what it can do (now):

  • Users can create/edit (their own) issues.
  • Labels can be added to issues (like bug or enhancement).
  • Issues can be commented on.

Not much for a start, but enough that it should be useable.

Here are some things that will be added in the near future:

  • Pagination (yes right now it has no pagination, it uses github so I need more issues before I can test out pagination).
  • Milestones (goes with versioning, in the aspect of issues it will seem more like catagories).
  • Closed issues (right now they are hidden)
  • Filters and ordering.

Right now all issues are based on the site, although I don't mind some going for the game, I would prefer them to be for the site (basically the more the merrier). Once it works well enough I am going to open up the rest of the repositories to it and public ones will be visible on github, while other private ones will only have the issue tracker available.


Finally some more work by Renezuo (forgot to credit him in the last post, it was by him as well >.>). The second version of Nelle, human form.


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Today I mostly worked on server optimizations, while playing around with some settings (and breaking the picarto thumbnails in Fentv multiple times...). So other then the site is faster, there is not much progress today.

But the site has started to get a little more lively, the forum even has had a few posts! Hopefully with all these organization updates it continues to grow.

It has been some time since I did this, and I have been hearing a lot of people asking about updates to the events that I have been holding back, so here is a full explanation as to why.

It is a framework so the events are not in javascript or actionscript or anything, they are on the side. A combination of XML and JSON. Due to this, if I need to change something due to a certain event I will have to go back through all events and update them all to match that structure. In the course of the current beta it happened 4 or 5 times and thats when I stopped adding more events. The initial Vista event is perfect for testing so its the main one I have been focussing on. However there are 4 characters with a lot of assets ready, most that I have not really posted anything of.

That being said, I am going to try to open up a bit more of the assets :) Starting with this one.

An event for Nelle that has not been added, I will try to start including something like this in every post from now on :)



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I have done some adjustments to the layout, to better sync all areas. For some people this may require you to clear your cache.

I am also close to done the issue tracker, should be able to launch it within the next few days, probably over the weekend. When it is first launched it will only be the none-pledger version, this will be for all issues concerning the site. After that the "public" game repositories will be opened, starting with the character viewer, they will be hosted on github and the code will be open source.

To explain better here is how the Issue Tracker will work.

  • Public repositories will be on Github, using the API. So like offbeatr connecting your account to Github will be possible, and connect any issue you open on Github to your Transruption account.
  • Private repositores, like the site and game (libraries are public, game itself is not) are hosted on Bitbucket. It is also integrated through an API but although account connection might be possible in the future, opening an issue will "mask" you through my account to post it, however the site will show you as posting it.
  • Comments will be on every issue, there may be some integration with Github for comments, but to keep it from being confusing it will be seperate unless I feel it can be done well.
  • Pledgers will be the only ones with access to the games issue tracker, because it will deal with the latest versions of Alpha. Once Beta is released it may be opened up to all, but that will depend on how things go overall.
  • The issue tracker for the start will be for mainly bugs, however as it improves milestones will be added, and feature requests with it.
  • Since the issue tracker is based on public API's cencorship will be used, so no references to horsecocks plz :P.
  • Events in the game will be somewhat seperated, this is due to the game being more of a framework, so grammer and punctuation will have their own area outside of the issue tracker. Issues will only be for unintended functionality by the game (menu won't open in some cases and such).

Another note, the next release of Transruption will make the revamp of the site look insiginigant. It has been reworked considerably, however the events and overall flow of the game has not. In previous posts I have vaguely brought up some points about it, but again due to it being more of a framework it has to be about 95% done before it can even be considered for a release. It has been a year now that I have worked on getting alpha out and there have been many roadblocks, but finally its looking like its on track.


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I made a small update to FenTV, Finally fixing the problematic picarto thumbnails. It is a but of a crude fix since by default picarto does not actually support it. I had a chat with the team that developed picarto.tv some time ago and they seemed interested in the idea of adding support to it. However they have yet to add any sort of API so until then, crude it is.

With this update I had to add a kind of cache for the status of the stream, so if a stream starts it could take ten minutes for the thumbnail to catch up with it. But the check is a little resource intensive so in order to save resources I felt that was the best route.

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I have done a massive overhaul to the site. More of a beta version of the connection between the game and the site. However I still hold onto the previous posts talk of keeping the actual game-site features on hold for now (like the save game editor), this just lays the ground work for the games integration by cleaning up the site and trimming fat. No accounts have been lost in this process.

So here is a summary of the updates made:

  • Layout Updates: Greatly cleaned up the layout, the one before was largely unfinished, and although I will not call this one complete (has a few things I want to clean up still) it is much better then the last one.
  • Game integration: Rather then a server page that links to the individual games, this one used the layouts minimalistic design to integrate the game right into the site. Although the game will be able to be played stand alone, the plan is to use this to auto login to the game server for pledgers, greatly reducing the time it will take to tie the 2 together. This part is still in its early works so please let me know what you think.
  • Forum: The forum is now the "master" system of the site, rather then "jomsocial" which was used before, so avatars and profile settings are set there now. Layout updates have been made, but not enough to change it a great deal.
  • JomSocial: I had used this component in hopes it would give profiles a nice feel to them, however it turned into a total mess. Forced way to much on the user and was hard to adjust its look. This removal means all PM's are gone, though I think the only ones sent were to me.
  • Gallery: The JomSocial gallery from before was garbage, I hated it. There was little to no ability to customize how I wanted it. So I went with a framework that allowed the most possible customization. This means that the gallery seen now is unfinished, but functional. It now contains the Transruption comic as well as some images for Nelle/Vista, though far from all the resources available, those are all I plan to add for the time being (All resources are stored in layered PSD's, and it takes quite some time to get High Quality version of each possible combination saved). I will add more to it in the near future.
  • Donations Removal: I removed the donations page, it was largely just a cool looking page and I may redo it in the future, but for now I see no real need for it.
  • Artist/Writer Page Removal: These pages mainly served to credit the Artist and Writers but it was incomplete. So I will be making a better page for it that goes hand in hand with other future updates.
  • Ad Network Changes: Before I had used JList and DLSite for advirtisments. However both of them litterly do not pay a thing, and although I am fine with that just because I respect both sites I decided if I am going to have ads there should be a point to them (left the DLSite page just because based on clicks it was popular, updated it as well).
  • Under the Hood: There were a lot of problems with the server that the site was hosted on, so part of this move was switching servers.
  • Offbeatr Connection: This has been disabled for now, the way to use it was in the JomSocial profile settings so it needs to be migrated to another place. I believe most people have connected their profiles already so not much harm, and it will be reopened before alpha.
  • Character Viewer: Finally added as a tab on the website in the same manner as the game, not much work has been done on it recently but Renezuo seems interested in fixing the problematic shading :D.


Here is plans for future updates (for the site, near future):

  • Bug tracker: I originally had a bug tracker in the site but it never really functioned well so I disabled it, I plan to add a new one to track bugs before alpha starts. It will only be accessible by pledgers or other select users.
  • Milestones: I have kept track of progress through various Google docs all over the place and never settled on one method, so I plan to add a public milestone tracker, not only for me but for everyone who might be interested in exact progress.
  • Repositories: I am splitting the game so that the "core" can be used to create games in a similar format to Transruption. This has many advantages and can be further split into many sub modules (like the character viewer). Some of these of course I plan to be open source, so I will be integrating those repositories into the site. Bug tracking is a part of this.

Most of the remaining updates to the site are for organization, so feedback is much appreciated.


Also as a last note patreon seems like a funny service. It may be possible to use it to create the "premium" structure. Since of course the benefits are not planned to be for a subscription, just a "thank you for the support". It may be a way to bring in in that feature that so far I have not found a solution to. Of course I will not be doing that until alpha is released, but let me know what you think of that idea.

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I intended to follow the offbeatr plan as much as possible but that does not seem like it will happen, so here is the parts I am going to change.


These points may not be in the original offbeatr project, but in old blog posts/updates, maybe even comments.


First of all, the "visual novel" style. This is the biggest one so the first one I am going to go over. My original plan was to have 2 types of events, visual and text. This would allow writers to easily add their own events after alpha (no real plans to implement custom events for the first version). The core was going to be all visual but even now I am lacking enough art to complete the "core". This is due to the structure I thought for getting it, just normal commissions from artists on hentai-foundry and such. So my plan is to combine thje 2 styles into one, the art only complements the text, but is not required. It can give a nice visual feel like originally planned but without the art being required.

This also helps with the fact that I find writing events in a visual novel style is quite difficult and time consuming, and if the art does not express the emotions it needs correctly, it can ruin the scene. This change will have some effects on content already in place, but not enough that it will be a major hold up. In fact it should speed it up since the events no longer need art to go with the event. Art will still be made for the game, and the core will have art for every scene, but alpha can be released without having it all.

Next is premium. It might be completely scrapped, I don't really have any intension to earn any more from Transruption then just server corsts (when or if it ever becomes an actual problem). Visa/Mastercard are pretty strict on payments and have strict guidelines for anything adult related. I have looked into pretty much every payment gateway I can and nothing. So the change will be that alpha will be more or less restricted to pledgers (to keep the server from exploding, since its not exactly a "normal" server so its a good stress test). Then once I feel the games core is releasable it will go into beta, at this point any stable beta will be free for all, with no restrictions. Updates will be made to improve the core until it leaves beta, the whole time pledgers will get early access to new content and everyone else may have to wait. People can become a pledger by talking to me (but not until alpha, closing it off for now).

Once the game is out of beta I will start to work on the extra features of the game, this is where the new kind of premium will come in, premium was only meant to give some minor benefits but in no way "force" anyone to take it. The game's engine will be split and since it was developed with custom events in mind, it can become a game creation kit, it will be free but donations will be opened. Donating will apply to your account and give you a higher status in transruption. Since the game engine itself is not adult in nature I do not think there will be any problems with even using paypal for that. The new kind of premium never ends, even a dollar can get you unlimited since its only a "Thank you", though people who donated some time ago (at least a month or so) may lose it if the donation was low, but only if the extra features are causing strain on the server and need to be limited. This all may be changed in the future as the plan comes together, this is just an early draft.

Site features is the last one I will go over in this post. I have talked about save game editors and such and although I still plan to do that, the actual game integration with the site will take a secondary stance. You will be able to login (to validate your pledge for alpha) but other then that no features will be added until probably well into beta. The site uses Joomla, a cms I am familiar with customizing (since going all custom for the site would take far too much time).


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